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Though the topic of menopause and its arrival in a woman’s life has historically been shrouded in secrecy and shame, a remarkable transformation is underway and being led by a new generation of advocates, medical professionals, attorneys, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s through innovative research or technological breakthroughs, these changemakers are boldly stepping into a vast void of information and bringing light to the intersectional areas where menopause impacts a woman’s body: her brain, her heart, her ovaries, her bones and her vagina, too.

Perhaps most importantly, these menopause advocates are sparking overdue conversations about women’s health, encouraging women across the United States and beyond to share their menopause stories with friends, in the media or on social platforms. “For time immemorial, women’s needs have been ignored or minimized. That has got to stop,” says Sharon Malone, M.D. a renowned OB-GYN and advocate. “I know that given adequate information, women are more than capable of making healthcare decisions that make sense for them.” Some of that solid information includes knowing that using “hormone therapy during perimenopause and after menopause is not a dangerous proposition. Instead, it might be lifesaving.”

As we heave collectively toward a tipping point, these leaders will continue to challenge stereotypes and pioneer advancements until women reach full access to quality care. Meet the trailblazers: the women who are reshaping the narrative around menopause, empowering women to thrive and determined to bring us closer to the goal of parity in healthcare in our lifetime.

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