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One of the most common reactions I get when people find out I’m a sex educator and coach is some version of, “OMG, you must have awesome sex!” I mean, they’re not wrong, but that awesomeness didn’t just happen out of nowhere. Well, some of it did, but most of it comes from curiosity, exploration, and practice. When it comes to sex, you really can become a lifetime learner if you want to, which includes talking about what turns you and your partner(s) on, trying out sex therapy, or even checking out books about sex. And trust me, there are some must-reads out there.

Sure, having awesome sex takes some work, but it’s worth it — and more importantly, it’s fun. After all, I’ve been with my partner for over 11 years. The easy parts aren’t enough to keep the spark alive. We actively look for and try out new ideas to deepen our connection and keep our sex life intimate, adventurous, and fulfilling.

I know I’m not alone in struggling to keep the things interesting. Luckily, by nature of my work, I have the “in” on the best resources to help you do the same, and I’m ready to share my favorites. Here are 13 books about sex that have had the biggest impact on my sex life and that of my clients.

A version of this post was originally published in 2016.

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