20 Celebrities Who’ve Had Panic Attacks


Panic attacks are sudden and powerful episodes of fear that trigger intense physical reactions. Not to be confused with anxiety attacks, which build gradually and are set off by specific stressors, panic attacks happen swifty and unexpectedly. Per WebMD, these episodes affect one in 10 adults in the US every year, and celebrities are no exception. In an effort to help others feel less alone, several celebrities have shared their personal panic attack stories and how these uncontrollable periods of anxiety influenced their mental health.

Panic attacks are not life-threatening, but they are alarming and can be severe enough to have harmful effects on a person’s quality of life. Symptoms typically include a rapid heart rate, trembling, shaking, chills, nausea, loss of control, shortness of breath and a sense of impending doom or danger. These symptoms may only last for a few minutes but can be so intense that the person experiencing them may be convinced they’re having a heart attack or even dying, according to Mayo Clinic. For those with recurring episodes, aka panic disorder, treatment may require therapy, medication and other types of medical treatment.

Experiencing a panic attack can be frightening, and speaking about one after the fact can also be challenging. Ahead, read what celebrities had to say about their personal experiences with panic attacks and how they were able to manage their symptoms.

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