55 Fall Date Ideas and Cozy, Romantic Activities For 2023 Couples


If you want to get the creative juices flowing, join a book club with your partner this fall. It can be a great weekly or monthly activity to spend time together and get the creative juices flowing!

“Going to a book club with your partner can help you both understand how one another thinks on a deeper level,” says Natalie Moore, LMFT, a Los Angeles-based therapist. “Book clubs tend to spark deeper conversations than one might have on the average date. You can each get a sense of which emotional themes the other is drawn to.”

Or, if you want to keep it more low-key, start a mini book club yourselves! Make a Google Doc together where you each write down three book recs, and then pick one you think you’d both enjoy from each of your suggestions. Then, cozy up on the couch, cue up the fireplace (or a YouTube background will do!), sip on some tea, and get to reading. And hey, why not make this a weekly thing?

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