555 Angel Number Meaning For Love & Career, Per A Numerologist


Are you noticing that you keep spotting the number 555 everywhere? Maybe you passed by a house recently with 555 engraved just above the door, or picked up your phone to check the time and realized it was 5:55, or maybe you found an old scrunched up receipt in your pocket for a purchase that was a total of $5.55. While you might want to file this series of coincidences under “random events,” 555 is actually an angel number and its presence in your life might be trying to tell you something.

ICYDK, an angel number is a repetitive number, pattern, or sequence believed by numerologists to carry messages from the universe, as Women’s Health previously reported. Their purpose? To guide you. These divine digits signify different messages from your angels or the universe on what next steps you should take in life and what opportunities are on the horizon depending on the number sequence. For example, 555 has to do with opportunity and seismic shifts, says Aliza Kelly, a professional numerologist, astrologer, and author of There Are No Coincidences: A Manifestation Deck & Guidebook. “The angel number 555 means that a massive change is in the works. New passions, new excitements, and new doors are going to open for you.”

If the angel number 555 keeps making an appearance in your life, take it as a sign that a new beginning is coming—a new spring, if you will. If you’ve been feeling tired and stuck on the conveyor belt of monotony, this sighting will refresh your perspective.

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Ahead, Kelly breaks down what 555 might mean for your love life, money matters, and career, plus how you can harness its power to get the results you want.

What does the number 5 represent in numerology?

Every number in numerology is a symbol that means something different for your life. As mentioned, the number five signifies new ventures and change. “The number five in numerology is about free thinking, adventure, and being progressive,” says Kelly. “It’s about passion, very much about life.” Five is fiery, bold, playful, and vivacious; it signifies freedom and a go-getter energy. (Not too shabby when it comes to cryptic—er, external—messages.)

What does the angel number 555 mean?

When you spot an angel number in the wild, it signifies that you’re receiving a message from a spirit guide, angel, your higher self, the divine—whatever force greater than yourself you happen to be connected to, explains Kelly.

“If you’ve been feeling stuck or uninspired, and you see the angel number 555, take it as an invitation to step forward—take a leap,” Kelly says. Because five is a point of change, seeing this digit pop up in your life is a positive sign. It means you’re onto better and greater things. The tired dullness of the everyday is about to get a massive makeover, so get excited!

What does 555 mean for my love life?

  • If you’re single: Witnessing the angel number 555 can be interpreted as a big shift happening in your love life. “If you’re single, and you see this, it means that a new love or opportunity is coming your way,” says Kelly. “It could be a new potential for connecting, [or] a new romance.” In other words, open up your heart to all the possibilities. You might consider going on a date with the cutie you recently matched with on Bumble, or taking a chance and attending that blind date your friend has been trying to set you up on for months. You never know what adventure is waiting for you around the corner.
  • If you’re in a relationship: Already coupled up? Seeing 555 could represent newfound joy brewing in the relationship. “It could mean that you’re going to find new ways of connecting, [or] ways of cultivating a bond,” says Kelly. It might be a sign to take your relationship to the next level, go on vacation together, or do whatever activity will help you feel renewed and ignited. If a spark is what you’re craving, it’s coming up soon.
  • If you’re going through a breakup: If you’ve just had your heart broken, take refuge in this: Something new and positive is coming your way. “The number 555 is really about the unexpected, new opportunities [and] possibilities,” says Kelly. Seeing this angel number could mean you’re going to find a way to move on from your breakup—perhaps by indulging in a new hobby or cultivating your existing friendships. Or, hey, perhaps you’ll meet someone new…in the next few weeks, even.

What does 555 mean for my finances and career?

When it comes to your professional life, 555 brings with it an abundant energy. Seeing this angel number “means that new sparks of inspiration are coming your way,” says Kelly. “New potential, new ideas, new individuals who are going to be opening doors for you.” This could mean that a promotion is on the horizon. Or, maybe you’ll be asked to lead that project you’ve been dying to spearhead. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about changing careers—seeing 555 is a clear sign to go for it.

On the financial front, seeing 555 might mean you’ll be gaining wealth from different avenues or resources, says Kelly. Alternatively, you may be unexpectedly hit by a stroke of luck in a way that seems outside of the norm, she adds. (Ahem, I’m not not saying winning the lottery is in the cards.)

Why do I keep seeing 555 everywhere?

Seeing the angel number 555 will mean different things for everyone, according to Kelly. “[Angel numbers] are going to evoke something special for each person individually,” she explains. So when you see 555, “connect with how you feel when you see it.”

If you keep seeing this angel number, notice what is coming up for you at this exact moment. Do you feel affirmed by this sequence? Do you feel the need to slow down? To keep going? To move faster? Tune into what your own conditions and circumstances are in order to recognize what 555 showing up in your life is a response to. Maybe you were just taking a walk around the neighborhood ruminating on making a certain decision. In this case, take spotting 555 as a hint to go with your gut, no matter how scary the move may seem.

How do I harness the power of 555 energy?

“555 energy is going to be much about evoking passion, joy, play and spirit into your life,” says Kelly. This means saying, “Heck, yes!” to any invitations that may come your way, taking on new projects, or just generally pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

If you’ve been wanting to learn a new skill like cooking or oil painting, go on and register for a class. If you’ve been itching to leave your corporate desk job to live out your lifelong dream of becoming a flamenco dancer in Seville, book that plane ticket and put in your two weeks notice already! This angel number is your green light to just go for it—it’s your turn to make big moves on the chess board that is life.

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