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Getting kids to take medication (or even a daily multivitamin) can be quite the challenge for a parent. And with back-to-school creeping up slowly but surely, helping their immune system with a little vitamin boost is key to avoid as many sick days as you can.

Here’s what you can do: Just like picking out a fun water bottle can entice kids to stay hydrated, and vitamin gummies can trick kids into thinking they’re eating candy, picking out a colorful pill box or vitamin organizer can give little ones a personalized and fun way to store their vitamins. It can also help older kids remember to take their daily dose.

Some pill organizers can be helpful for kids to tote in their backpack or suitcase when the family takes a trip and want to take ownership over their daily vitamins (a must during travel!). Other pill boxes can just be useful for keeping your cabinets at home organized.

Here are some of our favorite colorful, affordable, and cute pill organizers to pick up for your kids’ vitamins.

INVODA Pill Cases

What better to remind them to take their vitamin C than some citrus pill cases? You can teach them to prep their vitamins for three weeks at a time with these. Plus, it’s under $10 for the set of three.

Unicorn Travel Medicine Case

Taking a family vacation? Grab this travel medicine case, which has 8 slots for more than a a week’s worth of vitamins, to put in your child’s carry-on bag. There’s a zippered coin pouch for any of their favorite trinkets, too.

Unicorn Travel Medicine Case $14.99

7 Day Dino Pill Organizer

If you have a dinosaur fan in your house, you have to opt for this dinosaur pill organizer. It’s created just like an adult pill organizer you’d find in a pharmacy, but has hand crafted dinos on top. Your child will love having their own signature vitamin organizer.

7 Day Dino Pill Organizer $33

Luzen 6 Pcs Colorful Mini Macaron Shape Pill Case

Disguising pills as a sweet treat is the oldest trick in the book, but it still works, parents. These cute mini macarons are actually a set of pill cases that your child can organize in a little bin, bowl, or on a plate to make sure they don’t forget their daily vitamins. Just unscrew the “cookie” top, and pop the pills inside.

Animal Portable Pill Organizer

You can keep this animal key chain pill organizer at home or take it on-the-go. It comes in a pack of two so you can fit a week’s worth of vitamins in all the compartments. The top snaps on securely so you don’t have to worry about pills tumbling out when kids cart them with them.

Animal Portable Pill Organizer $12.95

Frcolor Medicine Crusher

This isn’t exactly a pill organizer, but it’s another household essential for little ones who can’t swallow pills yet. And, if your kiddos love pushing buttons or helping you out in the kitchen, they’ll definitely want to help grind up the pills with this cute little bear medicine crusher before you stick the medicine in their cereal or applesauce.

Frcolor Medicine Crusher $6.74

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