9 Reasons Why New Parents Love This Baby Bed


  1. Safe for the newborns

Infants are not allowed to sleep on blown pillows or tilted sleepers. Our bed has the right thickness to be completely safe for babies and has no risk of SIDS.

  1. Comfortable and soft

It’s lightweight, soft and breathable. The head part is regular foam, not too hard, not too soft.

  1. Adjustable cushion pillow

It’s adjustable so it can grow with you baby. Babies like to elevate their legs when they sleep, so the pillow at the bottom helps them stay in an elevated position.

  1. Great for bassinet sleeping

It’s safe and makes the newborn more comfortable than sleeping in the bassinet alone.

  1. Help newborn sleep independently

Enjoy a good night’s sleep while your little one sleeps in total bliss.

  1. Head support

Built-in anti flat-head pillow to prevent flat head syndrome.

  1. Antirollover design

This helps the baby’s head stay in place and lying on his back

  1. Help with colic and reflux

Babies with colic and reflux need to sleep at an angle. This leg pillow in the legs helps with this.

  1. Portable

It folds up and takes up little space. You can take it everywhere that you go.

Anytoyz® Comfort Sleep Baby

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