How Stylist Karla Welch Learned To Embrace And Respect Her Flow


For decades, celebrity stylist Karla Welch has dressed some of Hollywood’s biggest names (Tracee Ellis Ross, Amy Poehler, Justin Bieber) for red-carpet events.

But it was a life milestone closer to home that sparked her latest venture.

“My child got their period really early,” Karla says. “The practicalities of a 10-year-old dealing with period products was a nightmare.”


Sure, period underwear was already on the market, but at $30 to $40 a pair, it wasn’t exactly a viable solution for a child or someone without the means to afford it. (Some 500 million people globally suffer from period poverty, according to the World Bank.)

“Putting on something you love—it doesn’t have to be expensive!—is a game changer. Feeling good in your clothing can open you up.”

Karla wanted better options for all, so with the help of cofounder Sasha Markova, she launched The Period Company in 2020, producing sustainable, cost-conscious (from $9/pair) undergarments.

In the process, the 48-year-old developed a new relationship with her own flow.

The High Waisted

The High Waisted

“Through rinsing my blood from my underwear, something in me completely changed,” she says.

“I tapped into this connection to my body that I’d been told to ignore or told was gross my whole life,” she continues. “It’s an amazing thing, and our goal is to embrace that and put some respect on it.”

Here’s how she finds her zen through it all:

Nurture Yourself in Nature

“For me, getting out somewhere with trees or plants or a beach is just wonderful. Styling is hustle, hustle, hustle, so it’s important that I take deep breaths and slow down.”

Find Your Fitness Fit

“I’m making decisions and directing people every second of my life. To be able to go to a structured workout class and have someone else tell me what to do is so necessary.”

3: The number of rescue rottweilers Karla and her husband own. “They’re so good for our mental health,” she says.

Game Face On

“Showing up with an amazing attitude is half the battle. If I’m working for someone and I’m being a grumpypants, that’s just hurting me. So coming to set and being great is always my goal.”

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