Judy Greer On How Gen X Is ‘Paving the Way’ for Women’s Health – SheKnows


Growing up in the ’80s, Judy Greer remembers the “skinny” health fad. But now, at 47 and with a stepdaughter in her mid-20s, she says she has hope for the next generation. “My stepdaughter is 26 and I feel like her friends are in a whole different place,” the actress says. “And I’m still stuck in this ’80s mentality of Jane Fonda and everything has to be skinny and perfect. [The body value] is changing for that generation.”

Greer adds that with more conversations concerning menstrual health and care, she feels like we’re on the right path. “With the advent of conversations around period underwear and menstrual cups, we are making strides. And if our kids are talking about this, and asking for this from retailers, then I think we are paving the way. We’re in good shape. If we’re doing this now, we’re just going to make it better for them.”

Because of these strides, Greer believes this generation “isn’t afraid to talk about some of the things we were afraid of.” Watch the full video above for more on how she sees progress being made in women’s health.

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