Tips to Keep Food the Right Temperature While Delivering


As the seasons change, you may find customer orders change based on the weather. In warmer months, more cold items may be ordered, and in colder months, customers shift back to hot foods. When you pick up an item that needs to stay at a certain temperature, it’s important to have the proper equipment to ensure it arrives at the customer’s door at the right temperature. Failing to do so could mean not only an unhappy customer and loss of tip, but some food items–particularly cold items in warm weather–can spoil. The best delivery app to work for may help you by providing good equipment and suggestions for keeping food items at the right temperature from restaurant or store to doorstep. 

Always use an insulated delivery bag

No matter if it’s warm out or cold, using an insulated delivery bag will help you keep customer orders at the right temperature. Some food delivery apps are known to provide this delivery equipment for free. Doing some of your own research may help you find high-rated and high-quality insulated bags that can help you keep food and drinks at the right temperatures.

Keep hot and cold items separate

If you pick up items for a restaurant or a grocery store delivery and there are hot and cold items in the order, do you normally put them inside the same insulated bag? If so, you should consider keeping them separate and using two bags instead of one. When hot and cold objects are next to one another, the heat from the hotter item will transfer to the colder one. So, your hot items are getting cooler (which you don’t want) and your cold items are getting warmer (which you also don’t want).

Bring a separate cooler

An alternative to having a separate insulated bag is to keep a cooler in your vehicle to use when delivering cold items. If you have a reusable drink holder, you can easily place that into the cooler to prevent drinks from spilling while traveling. You can also place reusable freezer packs into the cooler to help keep cold items extra cold. This can be helpful for food safety when delivering cold food items like sushi and other seafood.

<H2>Maintain a good temperature in your car

When delivering in the summer months, cars can quickly get hot if they’re out in direct sunlight. When you’re delivering cold food items, putting them on a scorching-hot car seat can cause them to increase in temperature very quickly. Always be mindful of the items you’re delivering and how warm your vehicle is, especially if you don’t have an insulated bag or cooler. Using the air conditioner can help you maintain a good temperature in your car when traveling with food versus if you drive with the windows down.

Delivering food at the right temperature can help leave your customers satisfied, and it’s also important in maintaining food safety standards. Some delivery apps will provide delivery partners an insulated bag, but it can be very beneficial to have more than one on hand, or use a cooler and ice packs to help travel with cold items.

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