Who Was Fired from Selling Sunset? Why Did Christine Quinn Leave?


Selling Sunset has just returned for its sixth season, but The Oppenheim Group looks a little different this time. Not only has Christine Quinn disappeared from the show after the dramatic season 5 finale, but Vanessa Villela is nowhere to be seen, either. In fact, she isn’t even mentioned once!

With Quinn, Villela, and also Maya Vander gone, the new season of Selling Sunset has a totally different vibe. But what exactly happened to the former cast members, and will they be back for future seasons?

Where is Christine Quinn now?

For the first five seasons of Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn made a huge impact with her jaw-dropping outfits, her dramatic feuds, and a never-ending supply of witty one-liners. Understandably, fans of the show were devastated when it was revealed that Quinn wouldn’t be returning for season 6. However, the reality star has made some huge moves since leaving the reality show.

Firstly, Quinn started a new real estate brokerage with her husband, Christian Dumontet. RealOpen allows clients to purchase property using cryptocurrency, and the company has subsequently launched RealScore, a new credit scoring system for buyers and sellers in the crypto world.

Audible How to Be a Boss Bitch

Audible How to Be a Boss Bitch

In May 2022, Quinn hinted that she would’ve loved to have showcased RealOpen on Selling Sunset, telling ELLE.com, “I hope that I can encourage everyone to embrace what I’m doing with crypto, and hopefully they can see how cool it is and want to work with me on that.” While Selling Sunset went in a different direction, it seems that Quinn is open to filming more reality shows in the future, telling ELLE.com, “I will never leave TV.” The same month, she released her first book, How to Be a Boss B*tch.

Alongside her real estate endeavors, Quinn has also broken into the fashion industry in a big way. In July 2022, she walked the runway for Balenciaga during Couture Week, alongside the likes of Nicole Kidman and Kim Kardashian.

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During an interview with WWD, Quinn revealed that she is already planning her future in fashion, saying, “I would love to be a creative director. In addition to that, I also love walking and runway modeling.” She continued, “Right now I would love to collaborate with big brands and help be a creative director and then from there, I can gain experience and maybe launch my own fashion line.”

As if Quinn wasn’t busy enough, she also hinted that she’d like to pursue acting in a serious way, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m not saying I am Lady Gaga, but the fact that she can do these really big roles and pull it off, whether it’s American Horror Story or A Star Is Born, I want to do things like that.” Basically, the world is Christine Quinn’s oyster since leaving her Selling Sunset feuds behind.

What happened to Vanessa Villela?

When Vanessa Villela joined Selling Sunset in season 4, she brought with her a wealth of acting experience. The Mexican American actor found fame on shows like Una Maid en Manhattan and El señor de Los Cielos before pursuing a career in real estate, which ultimately landed her at The Oppenheim Group. Strangely, Villela doesn’t appear in season 6 of Selling Sunset, and her absence isn’t even addressed by her cast mates.

Buying Beverly Hills

Buying Beverly Hills

In May 2023, Villela exclusively revealed to People that she’d officially severed ties with The Oppenheim Group for good. Instead, Villela rejoined The Agency, which is run by Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky, and is featured on Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills. As for whether she might appear on the rival real estate show, Villela told People, “I didn’t come back for that reason, but you have to watch next season to see what happens.”

Despite being cut from Selling Sunset, Villela has been extremely busy since she finished filming season 5. Most importantly, in September 2022, she tied the knot with her photographer fiancé Nick Hardy at The Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego, according to Brides.

Aside from real estate, Villela has also launched Wave of Love, a range of butterfly-inspired jewelry and accessories. As for how she feels about parting ways with Selling Sunset, the actor told People, “They’re obviously super successful and it’s an incredible show, but I have to make my own life and make my dreams come true.”

Why did Maya Vander leave?

Maya Vander’s exit from Selling Sunset was confirmed in May 2022, per People. In her Instagram Stories, Vander elaborated on the decision, writing, “I decided not to go on with the show and it was not an easy decision! Being part of such a successful hit is absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for!!” She also explained that having lost a baby at 38 weeks, she wanted to step away from the show to spend time with her family.

During an interview with ELLE.com, Vander addressed how difficult it was to be in the public eye while experiencing such a deep personal grief. “Obviously, being on a TV show, you are exposed,” she said in December 2021. “You are exposing your life. People know what’s going on with you.” Understandably, Vander wanted to step away from the spotlight for a while.

In the fifth season of Selling Sunset, Vander had already relocated to Miami with her family, a move that she made permanent after leaving the show. Having left The Oppenheim Group behind, Vander announced in June 2022 that the newly-founded Maya Vander Group would be joining forces with real estate giant Compass. Basically, her career is blooming.

In addition to making strides in real estate, Vander has been busy expanding her family. In May 2023, she shared the happy news that she’d welcomed a baby girl named Emma Reign, writing on Instagram, “This was a long 9 months as I kept my pregnancy as quiet as possible from social media. I gave birth few days ago and words can not express my sense of relief and happiness!”

After watching Vander’s heartbreaking journey with baby loss on Selling Sunset, fans and fellow cast members were overjoyed by this news. As for whether Vander will be back in season 6, viewers will just have to wait patiently.

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