Will Covid-19 impact my yacht rental experience in Miami?


Are you intending to rent a yacht in Miami, Florida but you do not know how to go about the lingering remains of the Covid-19 pandemic? Can you be rest assured of your safety during the rental period? Well, most of the quality Miami yacht rental companies have agreed to Covid-19 protocols and other rules that have been crafted to manage the situation. You may not realize it but there is something known as ‘social distancing charters’ for yachts. With the yachts, social distancing is the norm for all those who wish to hire and use these facilities. The fact that these are hygienic facilities with controlled environments means that the coronavirus may not be such a big concern for the industry.

It is also a well-known fact that the rate of covid 19 infections has been on the decline. Therefore, this pandemic will not affect that industry in the long run since the virus has since been controlled and minimized in most parts of the world, Miami included. We would conclude that covid 19 will not much affect your yacht rental in Miami because of the following reasons:

Preventive safety and health measures aboard the yachts

This is probably one of the biggest measures that have been taken in the yacht industry since the coronavirus came into play. The yacht crew always cleans the environment inside and outside of the yacht to ensure there are none or minimal coronavirus infections.

  1.   Preventative health and safety measures on board your yacht

This is probably one of the best assurances that the Miami area yacht experience will be top-notch despite the prevailing covid 19 situations. Once the yacht environment is kept clean all the time, the safety of the crew and occupants of the vessel is assured. The yacht should be sanitized regularly. After any charter of the yacht, it should be fully decontaminated as a safety measure to ensure the subsequent renters are not exposed to the disease. Another option that has been onboarded is the vaccination of the crew and the obligated use of masks and temperature checks. These measures ensure that your yacht is safe for all.

  1.   Private transport aboard the yachts

This is another way that you can enjoy your yacht experience in Miami without the need to worry about covid 19. There are yacht companies that offer private transport that is end-to-end. This kind of transport experience ensures that you do not have contact with people and also means that you will have social distance enhanced for your safety. One of the ways to facilitate end-to-end transportation is by flying privately to your destination and catching the yacht. By avoiding commercial transportation, you are sure of fewer risks of catching covid 19.

  1.   Yacht mooring

This is yet another good way to maintain social distance while in ports. For superyachts arriving in marinas, mooring is the best way to ensure contact-free reception. Mooring the yachts at the shores means you will not have any contact with the outside world. This safety measure ensures your Miami yacht experience is safe and free of covid 19.

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